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      For many years we have manufactured and served hundreds of suspended conveyors (overhead conveyors) from 30 meters to infinity for transport, storage and drying purposes in the Soil industry, Enamel industry, Leather industry, White goods industry and many other sectors. Some of these companies, which we have presented in our references, have not encountered any problems so far. All kinds of descent, exit, turn right or left to move, such as moving to the different floors and fixed or speed adjustable transport systems, no repair maintenance and maintenance-free systems. Increasing labor costs have been saving labor as much as possible and making mechanization necessary. Our company has full experience in transport systems and is unrivaled especially in rail systems.


These systems, which move with rollers on the I iron beam, are drawn with 14mm steel rope. If you contact us to discuss the suitability and benefits of our units in your workplace, we hope to visit you and discuss the subject.


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Quality production, reasonable prices, timely delivery and customer satisfaction are the basic principles of our company without compromising these principles at your service.



We carry out your material transfer, storage and drying needs in every branch of the industry, inside or outside the enterprise, with turnkey projects in accordance with the environment, packaging, product and operation conditions.

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