Ilter Machine

   We have served since 1973 in many sectors such as soil ceramic industry, enameling industry, white appliances industry and a lot other industries to produce suspensory conveyors (overhead conveyor) – which varies from 30 meters to infinite – for carriage, storage and drying. We have not had any problems with the reference companies that we attached in this site. These carriage systems move both up and down and left and right, they go up and down with stable or adjustable speed. They do not need repair and maintenance and they are durable systems. Increases in labor costs necessitate economizing in labor and mechanization. Our company has quite an experience and it is unrivalled especially about track/rail systems.
   These systems that move with pulleys on I-iron are pulled by – 14 mm – steel cords. When you contact with us to negotiate about our units' advantages and suitability to your places of work, we hope to visit and talk to you about the products and wish you success.

                                                                                                           Best Regards,
                                                                                                           Kemal İlter - Gökhan İlter

Service Standards

10 Years of Manufacturing Guarantee

Qualified productions, delivery on time and costumer satisfaction are the principles of our company and we serve without sacrificing these principles.

3D Cad Drawing Technique
We actualize your need of material transport, storage and drying properly to the conditions of environment, packing, product and operation both in and out of the firm.